We Are / Specialist beers : )

The people behind Specialist Beers have been in the UK drinks industry for many years and with the UK now home to an ever-increasing number of craft breweries producing an ever-increasing amount of great beers we realised that great just didn’t cut it anymore. So we decided to look for the exceptional, with beers that will excite and may even change the way you think about drinking.

We are Specialist Beers and we work with the innovators, the dedicated and the forward thinkers of the brewing industry, and we’re teaming up with some of the World’s best wineries to bring you stunning alcohol free wines that taste so good we believe you’ll never notice the difference.

Remember alcohol free beers? Of course you don’t they really were better best forgotten. Today our craft beer innovators have taken alcohol free by the scruff of the neck and are producing great beers that are virtually indistinguishable from their alcohol based stable mates.