About This Project

As an independent family brewery, Gulpener has enjoyed  freedom since 1825. The freedom to go our own way and only do what feels right. The freedom not to flatten the taste of beer, but to enrich it and to continuously search for innovative flavours. We have experienced that freedom for 8 generations and you can taste it in our 16 specialty beers.

Free because we are an independent family brewery. Free to set our own course. Free to do what feels right. That is why we call ourselves ‘De Vrije Brouwer’.

We have a strong bond with our environment and are happy to be of value to the world around us. That is why we brew beer with water from our own sources, we use hops from our own hop garden and our barley comes from farmers in the region. All this keeps our ‘footprint’ low and at the same time makes Gulpener the only real beer from Dutch soil. How can we do even better as a sustainable ‘Vrije Brouwer’? Can we make even more honest and tastier beer, without losing sight of traditional craftsmanship? Questions that regularly lead to new adventures, experiments and, last but not least, new flavours. Flavours with which we hope to surprise the real beer lover for generations to come.