Our Services

We specialise in the importation of hard to find and often never before seen brands, beers that are simply itching to be discovered. That's what we do best and we have introduced many brands that are now UK household names.

If you are looking for your own label or specific type of beer and can't find a suitable brewing partner, then, hey we're your guys. We know most of the cutting edge craft beer maestros and can source that beer for you and take over the complete project management if you wish.

We love craft beer and have recently fallen head over heels for alcohol free. It all started with our friends at Insel brewery over a year ago. When we tried their cutting edge brews and fell under the spell of these magnificent World beaters. We still send the brewers flowers every week.

What is BATU? Well we've all got it, it's just that some of us need to look deeper within ourselves to find it. I recently found my BATU and can honestly say that we now get along so well that I will never go back to the old BATUless me.

Let us make this point, we've tried alcohol free wines before and were a little underwhelmed to put it mildly. Then we met Jochem Seeger from Koenig & Krieger and he said "try ours" so we did and well, let's just say, we still haven't found our socks.

We are Specialist Beers and we work with the innovators, the dedicated and the forward thinkers of the brewing industry.